Questions Asked

Without customer feedback, no business can succeed. Chick-Fil-A knows it very well. Thus, they have launched MyCFAVisit Survey on the online portal at You can leave your comments about the quality of food and services offered at the recently visited Chick-fil restaurant. Chick-fil-A offers you the free meals as a thank you gift for your precious time on Survey.

Questions asked in MyCFAVisit Survey

You must be wondering what questions are asked in the MyCFAVisit Survey? Well, don’t give your smart brains this stress and read the article below.

Chick-fil-A survey consists of the questions based on food quality and services. You can also recommend there how can Chick-fil-A improves its services. Chick-fil-A expects honesty from its customers, as your comments will have a serious impact on their services.

MyCFAVisit also inquires about the quality of food served in their restaurant. You will be provided some options that include “very satisfied”, “dissatisfied” or “mediocre”. Choose the one that best describes your experience.

MyCFAVisit Objectives

  • MyCFAVisit Survey helps the Chick-fil-A analyze the needs of the customers. They analyze it and implement it in the best possible way.
  • They also come to know that how is their staff behavior with the customers. In case, any sort of dissatisfaction is found there they take the necessary actions.
  • MyCFAVisit Survey also allows the Chick-fil-A to detect their system loopholes and fill up the gaps.
  • MyCFAVisit is one of the best and most efficient tools for Chick-fil-A to enhance customer satisfaction
  • Chick-fil-A appreciates the positive comments, and also accepts negative feedback and work on it. Enhancing customer satisfaction at any cost is the sole purpose of the MyCFAVisit Survey.